Hand-craft verb /’han(d)./’kraft/ 

a: make skillfully by hand

b: to make by hand or artistic skill


San Julian’s Hills travels the world in pursuit of coffees with the highest quality, complexity, and balance. We take an exhaustive hands-on approach to coffee as an agricultural process. Dedicating ourselves to learning about soil conditions, sustainable farming practices, varietal mutations, and plant diseases are only a few of the areas of specialty that have helped us source outstanding coffees.


We are committed to the inherent qualities within each unroasted coffee. We strive to compose beautiful roast profiles that highlight the tremendous work that has been performed by the coffee producers each harvest. We never blend coffees and whenever possible we name them after the farmers who grow them. We are constantly tasting, documenting, and reevaluating our profiles to ensure that we enable individual coffees to shine.


After everything has been said and done San Julian’s Hills coffee is rooted in preparing exceptional beverages. Our passion for balanced & sweet espresso, perfect milk drinks, and delicious brewed coffee brings us together as craftsmen. We push for consistent excellence by refining our skills through palate calibration, systematic preparation, and self-critique. This dedication has earned our team many first place honors whit in our competitors.

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sea-son-al advjetive /’sez (e) nel’/

a: perfect temperature to grow or harvest something

b: according to the season or time of the year

c: offering a pleasant or sustaining environment


At San Julian’s Hills, we have the desire to share the delicious coffees that we are excited about. We never dreamed that the pursuit of such a simple goal would surround us with all of the incredible people that make up the San Julian’s Hills family. From our shop’s dedicated regulars to coffee lovers around the globe, we enjoy coffee together. We’ve danced and celebrated, barbequed and tinkered, but also dug in deep and supported one another.


In similar fashion we would not be who we are without great partnerships. We problem solve harvest and processing issues alongside farmers. We help coffee shops all over the United States open, build up, and expand their businesses. We raise money and resources alongside non-profits to benefit our community. With these amazing partners San Julian’s Hills has been honored to grow, learn, and succeed.

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Whether or not global warming or mass extinction is true or not, it is a fact that our environment is being slowly trashed and over-used. In order to make a good impact to our lovely planet, San Julian's Hills is committed to reduce waste using only Eco-friendly bags and labels.

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